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  • Expanding Hypno-Fetish
    Posted by EMG September 22, 2011

    In the next week or so I'm going to be adding a Donate button to Hypno-Fetish.  This money will ALL be used to expand the website and make it better.  


    Current plans are:


    1) Rate a hypnotist/subject - This module will let you post an opinion of the hypnotic experience you had with any given user.  I plan to rate on skill and ethics with a place for comments.  For subjects I'll rate them on how easy they are to trance, how well they respond.  I also plan to add profile information about what sorts of trance you're interested in(None, Text Only, Voice, Video).


    2) Voice/video chat


    3) Video Uploads/Links


    4) Other suggestions made by users.


    It's not going to be cheap, but won't be painfully  expensive either and I really want to make this the place people come to meet each other and have some serious fun.




  • Unwelcome Guests
    Posted by EMG July 14, 2011

    Lately we've had a LOT of unwelcome guests. Today I implemented a change to user registration that I hope will kill them off.  Please let me know if you have any problems with the registration system or if you spot any bots.


    This site is intended as a community site, if all you want to do is sell your wares contact me and we'll find you some advertising space.

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  • hypnothal
    hypnothal Going to be dark online for awhile.  Loosing ISP on Fri 12/19.  BBL 
    • 5 hours ago
  • missrere
    missrereHypnoDude99: welcome to the site !!
    • 8 hours ago
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  • Shadowmancer
    Shadowmancer ok.... have OFFICIALLY decided to attend NEEHU this year
    • 8 hours ago
  • sarad
    sarad omen1122
    9 minutes ago
    would you be up for it?
    • 10 hours ago
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    • sarad
      sarad I hate calling ppl out, but this is the 3rd time this week, and im on my last nerve lol
    • sarad
      kim1995 haha uh oh sounds like someone needs to relax, wanna trance? hit me up if you do. I have a while.
    • sarad
      Hypnobman Hey I am on stand by if nobody gets the message here. Lol ofcourse we could always be evil and drop those among us who do not read profiles completely. And kim, I second that! Lol
    • sarad
      toymaker You... are not having a good day here today, are you?
  • JazziDoll
    JazziDoll <3 Jazzi is silky and mindless again <3 <3
    • 11 hours ago
  • DeathStalker1
    DeathStalker1Truth or Dare: Could I get a dare?
    • 11 hours ago
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  • Timegirl
    Timegirl Is it weird i want to role play scenarios since i cant really be put under?
    • Wed at 4:45 PM