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  • Inappropriate Behavior
    Posted by EMG July 27

    Just so that everyone is clear.  These things are considered inappropriate behavior and can and will get you banned/deleted.


    1)  Sending people inductions(text or file) without their consent, especially without even asking. It's NOT an icebreaker, it's wrong and I won't have people trolling for subs/slaves/etc this way.


    2) Trolling for other websites.  If you send a user to a pay site just to talk to you I'll send you to the banned column.


    3) Being under age.  If you are under 18 please sign off and go somewhere else.  If you want to play at being a baby/kid/etc. please let people know in your profile or somewhere otherwise I'll have to delete you.


    4) Harassment, if you have an issue with a user bring it to me, if you make it public you'd better be right or you may be the one going away.


    5) Posting pictures or videos of other users without their consent.  If you're playing with someone and things are going great and you take that perfect video.  Wonderful, if you post it without asking them and they come to me, not so good.  If you post it again after I talk to you... Bye!


    6)  Lolicon/visual depictions of children involved in sexual acts is also forbidden, it may technically be legal in quite a few places but I don't have a place for it here.  I'm fine with age play etc but that's just taking it a bit too far so if it's your thing, don't post pictures or stories with massively underage children.

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  • HypnoSin
    HypnoSin That moment when you the perfect hypno fantasy hits you....:)
    • 26 minutes ago
  • AsteriaLuna
    AsteriaLuna *pops out of my protective bubble* HIII been a while lol, been busy! BYEEEE! *pops back in*
    • 2 hours ago
  • ashleydale
    ashleydale OK everyone, I know i'm pretty, but give a girl some space to fix my profile!!!
    • 3 hours ago
    • ashleydale
      Lynnloveshypno Then perhaps go invisible, or do not post public comments that draw attention until you are ready for the attention, unless your plan was to draw it than push it away as an ego building, if that is the case seems you succeeded. Black Friday shopping is nuts
    • ashleydale
      lexxstrum Oh, they don't know how to do that: it's all "i want you to serve me" and "you know you want to be my sissified love doll".
      • 3 hours ago
  • ashleydale
    ashleydale has added a new profile photo.
    • 3 hours ago
  • ashleydale
    ashleydale OMG OMG OMG!!! Today was AMAZING!! Went out in the shopping rush as a woman, dressed very nicely. Listened to a few files to keep me from chickening out. Best part was I was in a Starbucks and some guy was totally macking on me!!! He wanted my number and ...  more
    • 3 hours ago
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  • Trances321
    Trances321 Hypnosis is wonderful
    • 4 hours ago
  • HypnoStranger
    HypnoStrangerwaxslap: Excuse me, but I have to ask, since your information are a bit misleading. How woman is supposed to play with her cum?
    • 5 hours ago
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  • nappyslave
    nappyslave make me incontinent!
    • 8 hours ago
    • nappyslave
      sarad watch tv alot
      • 8 hours ago
    • nappyslave
      sarad oh, I read that too quick, I thought it said incompetant