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  • Modified some playlists
    Posted by EMG October 12, 2016

    Jenny Demilo send me a DCRM today requesting that I pull 3 of her files from the website.  I ended up removing them from about 50 playlists and expect that there's a lot of other copyrighted content out there.  You may want to clean up now because next time I just delete playlists(see below)

  • Inappropriate Behavior
    Posted by EMG July 27, 2015

    Just so that everyone is clear.  These things are considered inappropriate behavior and can and will get you banned/deleted.


    1)  Sending people inductions(text or file) without their consent, especially without even asking. It's NOT an icebreaker, it's wrong and I won't have people trolling for subs/slaves/etc this way.


    2) Trolling for other websites.  If you send a user to a pay site just to talk to you I'll send you to the banned column.


    3) Being under age.  If you are under 18 please sign off and go somewhere else.  If you want to play at being a baby/kid/etc. please let people know in your profile or somewhere otherwise I'll have to delete you.


    4) Harassment, if you have an issue with a user bring it to me, if you make it public you'd better be right or you may be the one going away.


    5) Posting pictures or videos of other users without their consent.  If you're playing with someone and things are going great and you take that perfect video.  Wonderful, if you post it without asking them and they come to me, not so good.  If you post it again after I talk to you... Bye!


    6)  Lolicon/visual depictions of children involved in sexual acts is also forbidden, it may technically be legal in quite a few places but I don't have a place for it here.  I'm fine with age play etc but that's just taking it a bit too far so if it's your thing, don't post pictures or stories with massively underage children.


    7) Posting Copyrighted Content.  Just because you got the latest content from your favorite hypnotist doesn't mean you can post it publicly.  Every time I get a complaint I will delete not only the offending item but the entire playlist.  Repeat offenders will be banned.

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    MasterGraham created a new playlist: Obedience
    Sarnoga - Owned And Obedient-mono
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    Exposed for all to see
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    daeronautumnbunny: Still cannot look away
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  • daeron
    daeronautumnbunny: so good to see you again!
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    Don't Resist, Don't Doubt OBEY
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  • Hypnobman
    Hypnobman Since I know how big a comment can be, and due to the lengthy discussion on the issue with Fetlife and hypnosis... this is why John is deleting things and banning things....
    There are numerous things at play here: A highly publicized rape case in Austra...  more
    • 6 hours ago
    • Hypnobman
      Hypnobman EMG Sir, Please forgive me for quoting the text from the Post that JohnBaku posted on fetlife, but I was hoping this may summarize things some, if this is not permitted I will gladly remove it. I only thought to quote what was said, and for all others her...  more
      • 5 hours ago
    • Hypnobman
      Hypnobman oh and one more thing to note, for all of you who are part of the fetish communities, This was a wide spread situation, it wasn't exclusive to Fetlife, infact it has been going on for years both onlne and offline. The only saving grace much of the fetish ...  more
      • 5 hours ago
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    Eqyptian Goddess
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    Captured by the Spiral
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  • deepgaze
    deepgaze So the "announcement " on Fetlife was underwhelming and still vague. The implication is the Hypnosis must go away, but they won't say it... :-/
    • 11 hours ago
    • deepgaze
      SerpentEyes "while it can be done ethically, that it can also be used for non-consent"
      ... does... does the guy who runs FetLife not understand what consent is? Anything can be non-consent if you force it on someone. Seriously, that is an intensely disturbing argumen...  more
      • 9 hours ago
    • deepgaze
      colormesubby @SerpentEyes, As I understand it--he's being forced to ban hypnosis (among a long list of other kinky stuff,) otherwise, major credit card processors will refuse to accept/transfer donations for the site. I assume that he's just reciting others' policies ...  more
      • 8 hours ago
    • deepgaze
      sylvieTG Mastercard and Visa put them on the black list -- there are no longer able to process charge cards which is half their revenue. They blocked basically everything Mastercard and Visa are known to have taken exception to in other cases, potentially in an a...  more
      • 8 hours ago
    • deepgaze
      Hypnobman from what I read and I'm not about to quote John, but if it is necessary, I shall. The fetish communities are under fire because on here (meaning the internet) this is an open world. A world where rules differ with the state and country of origin. There...  more
      • 6 hours ago
    • deepgaze
      ChaosMind I do see both sides of the medal. Anyone with a sane mind knows how much fun you can have with online roleplay or erotic hypnosis sessions while still regarding all boundaries and playing it all safe. But from an objective perspective, hypnosis can be see...  more
      • 4 hours ago
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    One Word
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  • SPtist
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    Crystal Collar
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    Femdom Feminization Hypnosis - Isabella Valentine - Airhead
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